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Press (Direction)

33 Variations; Theatre Conspiracy

"Theatre Conspiracy director Rachael Endrizzi takes the Moises Kaufman script and moves her actors on, off and across the Foulds Theatre stage. The non-stop action is captivating. If not a waltz, it is certainly an elegant minuet choreographed with precision."

-Tom Hall, Florida Weekly

"...thanks to the first-class direction of Rachael Endrizzi the entire ensemble cast turned in well nuanced performances."

-Marsha Wagner, Sanibel-Capitva Islander

CAMPING WITH HENRY & TOM; Strauss Theater at Big Arts

"The director, the remarkable Rachel Endrizzi has created a gripping totality to the evening. She is at the top of her game"

- Sid Simon, Sanibel-Captiva Chronicle


FREUD'S LAST SESSION; Strauss Theater at Big Arts

"Great acting and direction, great design...Sanibel is fortunate to be the recipient of great artists and great art."

- Dan Whicker, Santiva Chronicle

"I send an extra accolade to a SW Florida Queen of Theatre, the versatile and multi-talented Rachael Endrizzi, who directed the great piece of writing she was handed and made it into the brilliant production on that stage right now."

-Sid Simon, Sanibel-Captiva Islander


THE BIBLE: COMPLETE WORD OF GOD (abridged); Theatre Conspiracy

"Director Rachael Endrizzi ratchets up the pace, and the laughter rises faster than a biblical flood."

-Charles Runnells, News Press

"Oh good lord. The Bible's back. And Theatre Conspiracy brought the fun. Start 2015 off right- with a tour through "The Bible: the Complete Word of God (abridged)", nothing less than an Old (and New) Testament laugh riot"

-Chris Silk, Naples Daily News


"A reliable laugh machine that keeps you chuckling and full-on guffawing from start to finish."

-Charles Runnells, News Press


RED HERRING; Theatre Conspiracy

"Rachael Endrizzi coaxes a sextet of sharp, sly performances from her cast, convincing them to bring Michael Hollinger's witty, wordy noir to life with style and verve."

- Chris Silk, Naples Daily News

 "Director Rachael Endrizzi does a fine job with this, especially with the incidental music that plays between the scenes: slinky, saxophone music and other tunes (classic spy themes and thriller music) that add an atmosphere of suspense and camp."

-Nancy Stetson, Florida Weekly

"Director Rachael Endrizzi shows a solid feel for comedy and gets some terrific performances from her actors. Don’t worry: You will laugh."

-Charles Runnells, News Press


SHIPWRECKED; Theatre Conspiracy

"Extra accolades go to the versatile Rachael Endrizzi, the director… so many delicious little touches that showed the director’s playful sense of humor and rich understanding of what whole play is about. Look for some of the uniqueness when you go. It stands out. You may remember Endrizzi for what she brought as an actress both here and at Florida Rep to the play, Almost Maine a couple of years ago. She’s got the gift, and brightened the stage on Sanibel as well in the just-closed, highly successful …Spelling Bee.”

- Sid Simon, Sanibel-Captiva Islander



"Director Rachael Endrizzi keeps the show rolling with all the zippy, zany speed of an old Benny Hill sketch.


The silliness continues all night - but doesn't mask what's a clear love for the written word from the creators. A segment on Mark Twain classic "Huckleberry Finn" takes aim at censorship and if the show has a message, it is read well, read often and when you do, read a good book.


If you like a good book, don't miss this show. If you're not laughing by the time the Trojan horse scene rolls around and the actors under the costume start a conga line, send search parties for your funny bone."

- Chris Silk, Naples Daily News

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