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Best Actress,, You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up- 2013

Rachael is excited to have won the Best Actress award in 2013 for playing comedienne, Annabelle Gurwitch in You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up.


YOU SAY TOMATO, I SAY SHUT UP; Off-Broadway Palm Theatre

"Rachael Endrizzi and Adam Clough deliver a charming, laugh-out-loud performance that bids to become the season's first must-see comedy."

-Chris Silk, Naples Daily News

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM; Shakespeare in Paradise

"Endrizzi attacks the mischievous Puck with glee. Watching her cartwheel around the stage wearing tights and a feathery crown that rides the currents of air as she dashes to and fro is one of the night's greatest pleasures. The actress snatches the words and cadence of Shakespeare's speech with power and tosses them out into the wild night with abandon and obvious joy."

- Chris Silk, Naples Daily News​


CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF; Laboratory Theare of Florida

"For me, the very best thing he did was to cast Rachael Endrizzi as Maggie. I would drive a 100 miles to see anything she was in. I remember her when she first stunned me in ALMOST MAINE back at Theatre Conspiracy, and then her role as Logainne in 25th ANNUAL PUTNAM CO. SPELLING BEE sealed my respect for her forever. To see her now, you only have to drive to downtown Ft. Myers. I urge you to do that before the show closes on January 27th.    Because, oh, what a Maggie she gives us; sultry, witty, with perfect timing, and lovely enough to embarrass Liz Taylor.  Mark it down as a consummate performance."  

- Sid Simon, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

SQUABBLES; Off-Broadway Palm Theatre

"Rachael Endrizzi stepped into the role of Alice …with less than four hours notice for the Saturday matinee performances.

Endrizzi, ever the professional, brought something to the character even though she was forced to go on stage with the script in her hand. There's sassy anger at feuding parents - and mention of "the Labor Day treaty." She also nailed a hilarious labor scene."

-Chris Silk, Naples Daily News

THE 25th ANNUAL PUTNAM CO. SPELLING BEE; Herb Strauss Schoolhouse Theater

"Hats off, too, for the incredible Rachael Endrizzi. (Can any of us who saw her explode with her two characters in “Almost, Maine,” forget her?) Here she creates a portrait, Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre, that in less artful hands could be played for stereotyped gags. We celebrate her courage coming through the handicap; we believe her and when she is furious and competitive, we believe that, too. She is, after all, Rachael Endrizzi."

- Sid Simon, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

LOVE, SEX & THE IRS; Off-Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre

"One-note supporting roles turn to comic gold - even upstaging the leads. Rachael Endrizzi stomps onstage in silver glitter eyelashes and goes off wailing in handcuffs."

-Chris Silk, Naples News

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING; Tobye Studio Theatre

"There are a couple of out-of-the-park home runs...with Rachael Endrizzi's Hero and Mary Anne McAvoy McKerrow's Ursula staging a hilarious deliberately staged conversation while Laura Needle's Beatrice attempts to crawl out the window directly over their heads. Shakespeare's words roll off the tongues like butter..."

-Chris Silk, Naples Daily News

MY FIRST TIME; Theatre Conspiracy

"Ms. Endrizzi clothes herself in a variety of personas, from a woman forced by her friends to have sex to a British woman in her 40s who's still a virgin and proud of it. She also tells a tale of sleeping with a man who has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. It is one of the more tender stories of the evening."

-Nancy Stetson, Florida Weekly

MACBETH; Laboratory Theatre of Florida

"Rachael Endrizzi is electrifying as the iron-willed Lady MacBeth, one of Shakespeare's most horrifying creations. Utterly ruthless, willful and possessing ambition enough for two, Endrizzi steps into the character with gusto and seems truly a force of nature."

-Chris Silk, Naples Daily News


"Rachael Endrizzi laid into the role of Lady MacBeth with a crowbar — all iron will and steely determination. Easily the most entertaining and accessible Shakespeare I’ve seen in years."

-Chris Silk, Naples Daily News

In Yearly Review of Theatre Successes


ALMOST, MAINE; Theatre Conspiracy

"Rachael Endrizzi, one of the Conspiracy's brightest lights, turns in another solid, three-dimensional performance. Her characters walk the line of cartoon —  yet have a core of genuine feeling."

-Tiffany Yates, Naples Daily News


THE END OF THE WORLD BUTTON (World Premiere); Theatre Conspiracy

"Rachael Endrizzi proves her standout performance in last season's "Here Lie the Demons" was no fluke. She's got a magnetic stage presence, and her feet so firmly planted in her character that she invests the otherwise ridiculous plot with a hair of human drama."

-Tiffany Yates, Naples Daily News

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